Sunday, September 14, 2014

Join the party!!!

Come on over to my new and improved blog!

These are some pictures from my latest posts…Home grown fruit and a simple sunday quote!

Come join me over there! You won't regret it!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Where in the world have i been??

Hello my lovely readers! Long time no talk! I sorta failed at this whole blog thing..i know and i take full responsibility! :)

Soo… i have a few announcements and things to catch you all up on.

~ i am now a sophomore in high school..and totally love it

I have to admit it..i kinda forgot about this blog. I know! I put so much effort into the design and i just forgot! My bad! Whoops!

Anyway.. i decided to start a new blog. I have been reading this lovely ladies blog now for a while and the other week she held a photography class, i went. It was nice to hear her thoughts. So after meeting her i decided that i wanted to have one too.

So thats why i am telling you!

For all of my crafty ladies that followed this blog FOREVER ago to see all of the cards i made..i still do crafty things! Over at my new blog i am going to be sharing with you all of my DIYS and fun things!

Please go check it out!

Thanks so much! You are all awesome!

My first post is about Backpacks and back to school!